Tuesday, 11 March 2014

:: How to Make a floral Corsage

How to make a floral corsage by Poppy Sparkles #corsage #diy #tutorial #sewing #fabric #brooch

With Mother's Day around the corner, I thought I would share a lovely easy diy with you that would make a sweet present. Perhaps pin to a card to create a cute present and card in one, or include alongside a scarf to make a complete gift. 

Neither my mum or mother in law can wear metal next to their skin and have to be careful with perfumed items, so I like to find things that are safe for their sensitive skin. Corsages or brooches fit the bill nicely and make a lovely accessory. 

:: Materials

2 x 2" felt circles
8 x 2 1/2" fabric circles
brooch pin
glue gun or fabric glue

To make my circles of felt and fabric I used a compass (you, know those stabby things you used in school) to create circle templates with some thick card. I used pinking shears for the fabric circles to help prevent fraying and give a nice pretty edge. 

How to make a floral corsage by Poppy Sparkles #corsage #diy #tutorial #sewing #fabric #brooch

::Fold one of your fabric circles in half and half again, stitch this onto one of your felt circles, repeat for four fabric circles to cover the felt circle. (pics 1 and 2)

:: Repeat creating a second layer of  'petals' overlapping the first.(pic 3) 

:: Stitch a button into the centre of your petals. (pic 4)

:: Sew a brooch pin onto the second felt circle. (pic 5)

:: Glue this felt circle to the back of your corsage and press to secure it in place. (pic 6)

To stop thread pulling through things like felt, try this simple tip | Poppy Sparkles #sewing #fabric

How to make a floral corsage by Poppy Sparkles #corsage #diy #tutorial #sewing #fabric #brooch

Voila! You have a pretty flower corsage. 

Experiment with different fabrics, patterns and textures to create different looks. Instead of a button in the centre, what about some beads or sequins? Use contrasting thread or even neon thread for a quirky and funky look. 

Fabric scraps and fat quarters are great for this project, but what about up-cycling an old shirt or blouse. I've used old jeans and even an old linen blouse to make corsages before. For something more sentimental you could use fabric from an item of your kids' clothing. I know my mum loved the corsage I made using some fabric from clothes the kids had grown out of. 

How to make a floral corsage by Poppy Sparkles #corsage #diy #tutorial #sewing #fabric #brooch

I am really feeling the love for denim, floral and a shot of hot pink, aren't you? And I'm totally ready to get wearing my spring and summer gear too! 

Please feel free to pin and share this tutorial, but please do link back here to the original blog post. 

Did you give this a try? I'd love hear how you got. Perhaps you could share some photos - feel free to share with me via one of my online channels or send me a link or photo. 

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  1. What a gorgeous project. I will definitely be making myself one :) xx

    1. Thank you Zoe! I love the floral fabric I used - I think it's a Liberty print, but can't say for certain! I bought it from the factory shop at Standfast and Barracks in Lancaster which I'm pretty sure prints Liberty fabrics. They sell seconds in the shop, but most of the fabric you'd never know it wasn't perfect!

      Enjoy making yourself a corsage or two - it's a lovely simple project.... has to be simple as I'm not an experienced sewer! xo